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Bowen Therapy


Hormone Dynamics
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Tom's Treble
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Bowen Bodies Post treatment

On the day of treatment

  • Smile, a lot
  • Hydrate; water, water, water
  • Wear loose, comfortable clothing 
  • Allow 60 minutes treatment time
  • Gentle exercise and stretching only.

Up to one-week post treatment recommendations

  • Keep smiling, a lot
  • Hydrate; water, water, water
  • When getting out of bed, the car or a chair, place both feet firmly on the ground when you raise to stand
  • Exercise, stretch, move and appreciate your body.

You may notice changes within your body immediately and for up to one week after your treatment.
At Life in Rhythm, we love feedback so keep us informed of your body’s response to your tailored treatment plan.

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